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General Guidelines

Qualifications for Entry

Nationality is not questioned. Male and Female 6 years old and up.

Participants that make into the final round must have a decent network connection.


Entry Fee

Entry Fee per person per category: USD 35 (Include online workshops)

Entry Fee per person for 2 categories: USD 60 (Include online workshops)

Deadline for entry and payment is 1st February 2021

(It is possible to have dance teachers or group leaders to gather the registration and pay together.)



Over all CLASSIC ´APARIMA Category winner: $1,000

Over all ´ĀREAREA ´APARIMA Category winner:  $1,000


Competition guidelines

Competition will be judged by our 2 judges and it will have preliminary round and final round. 

Preliminary round will be done by video submission. 

Final round will be conducted live online. 

Preliminary round: dance to your choice of song according to your style category. 

Final round: original choreography to competition’s original song according to your style category. (There will be an online workshop on the lyrics of the original songs.)



Workshops’ detailed information will be announced in our Facebook account. 


Age Categories

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 16.34.34.png


Competition Categories  

There will be 2 style categories in our competition:



Please specify the category in the competition when register. You can compete for both categories as long as you register for both categories. 


Costume Guidelines

Costumes will not be judged in the preliminary round. 

Vahine should wear long dress or a top and a long Pāreu. 

Tane should wear pāreu Tīhere style. 

No hands & foot decoration. Simple necklace or grass around your neck is allowed.

Finalists should wear costumes that is related to the theme of the song. (No restrictions on adornment.)


Videography Guidelines

Show the control number to the camera before and after you dance. 

Video has to be recorded with horizontal position from front. No cutting. No editing. 

The frame cannot be moved throughout the whole recording. Has to have a clear vision of the dancer.

For ‘Aparima, facial expressions are also an important subject of examination, so some frame-outs will not be deducted at a distance where you can see the facial expressions.

Final round videos cannot circulate on social media until the competition end. 


Cancelation policy

No refund will be given for cancellation by the participant after the transfer has been completed.


By filling out our registration form you accept all the general guidelines and conditions described above. Likewise, you authorise us to use the material sent to promote the event or our sponsors. You also accept the disclaimer for any injury or situation you may have while participating in the competition.

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