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General Guideline


Qualifications for Entry

Open to all nationalities. Male and Female, 6 years old and up.

Participants that advance into the final round must have a decent internet connection.


Entry Fee

Entry Fee per person: USD 35 (Include 4+ online workshops)

Deadline for entry and payment is 30th June 2020

(It is possible to have dance teachers or group leaders to gather the registration and pay together.)



Overall winner $2,000

Overall runner-up  $1,000

All finalists $50


Competition guidelines

Competition will be judge by our 2 judges and it will consist of two rounds; 

- First round contestants will submit a video recording via email; free style (1 min official drum beat)

- Final round contestants will perform live via internet; theme (1,5 min official drum beat)



Workshops information will be announced in our Facebook Participants' group page. 



Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 20.07.59.png

*There is a possibility we will merge or separate age groups based on the number of participants on each age group. Final age group categories will be announced on 1st of July. 


Costume Guidelines

Costumes will not be judged. 

Vahine should wear simple solid pāreu on the knees limit and same color bra top. Underwear should not be visible. 

Tane should wear pāreu Tīhere style. No head piece, No necklace, No hands hip, foot decoration.

Video that does not comply with our guideline will not be considered into the next round. Please follow the guideline. 


Videography Guidelines

Show the number to the camera before and after you dance. 

Video has to be recorded with Vertical position from front.

No cutting. No editing. The frame cannot be moved throughout the whole recording.

Has to have a clear vision of the dancer. Hands and feet should not be cut from the frame during the dance.

Video submissions that do not comply with our guideline will not be considered for advancing into the final round. Please follow the guideline. 


Cancelation policy

No refund will be given for cancellation by the participant after the transfer has been completed.

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